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Magic Skin (Natural Acne & Scar Removal Cream) 35ml
Magic Skin (Natural Acne & Scar Removal Cream) 35ml
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Magic Skin (Natural Acne & Scar Removal Cream) 35ml

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360° help for acne and skin imperfections with visible changes? Magic Skin is a facial cream to treat skin problems such as acne, acne scars, redness and pimples. If you have been looking for natural creams, Magic Skin is the alternative to chemical based formula creams. This acne solution is ethically sourced, award winning and cruelty free.

Magic Skin is the detox solution to reduce inflammation and moisturize all at once if you are looking to treat psoriasis, rosacea, blackheads, acne or even pimples. This is mainly because of the essential oils formula, including tea tree, aloe vera and other 14 healing essential oils, which provide an antibacterial and antiviral aid to your damaged skin.

What makes this product our best seller?

Just in a few days our customers start feeling and improving on the texture and on the size of the imperfections. Due to the calming effects of aloe vera, it also reduces blemishes and provides a deep moisture and restoration.

The secret of Magic Skin is that its formula doesn’t dry, as they do other acne and spot treatments in the market, because all the ingredients are natural and free of nasty components such as salicylic acid. When applied, it first cleanses the skin, then reduces the redness and the final step is repairing the problematic skin.

Magic skin helps cleaning and repairing spots, rosacea and acne in a very powerful manner, thanks to its unique mixture of essential oils coming from ancestral generations.

The spot facial cream is a 100% natural, organic pure and sustainable sourced from different parts of the world and is vegan, free from animal cruelty, parabens, phtalates and artifical fragrances.

How to use  

First wash your face deeply, then apply a warm towel before application to help the pores absorb Magic Skin.

After that, apply the cream where the imperfection occurs and massage it until you feel it has penetrated the skin. Plus, you can also use it as a detox cleanser before applying your daily cream as part of your skin care routine.



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