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Treasure Oil (100% Moroccan Argan Oil) 30ml|
1001 Remedies

Treasure Oil (100% Moroccan Argan Oil) 30ml

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100% Pure, Organic & Cold-Pressed

Treasure Oil is certified organic by USDA. Our Argan oil is cold-pressed to preserve its antioxidant qualities.

Vegan, not tested on animals and no artificial additives, fragrance free. 


A few drops of “Liquid Gold” makes your hair shiny and strong. Your fast absorbing, light & pure, cold-pressed argan oil  makes your skin happy glowy. 

- Premium argan oil harvested farmers in Morocco, tested in high-standard certified labs in France 

- Sustainable packaging: lacquered glass bottle with dropper 

- USDA Organic, 100% natural, cruelty-free, Vegan, Made in France

Moisturise your skin, make it glow

Our Treasure Oil is light, moisturising and fast absorbing, it deeply moisturises the skin so you can radiate happiness.  

Treasure Oil contains high levels of omega 6 that is known for reducing skin blemishes and stretch marks. Vitamin E antioxidant deeply protects the skin for a wrinkle-free, youthful appearance.

Treasure Oil improves water retention & the amount of sebum, resulting in a glowing skin.

Make your hair stronger

Very rich in phenols and carotenes, 1001 Remedies’ Argan oil is a natural hair relaxer for frizz and a real hair grower and strengthener.

Rich in nutrients, it is deeply moisturising the follicle for a silky, smooth and shiny hair. Use as a hair conditioner just before shampoo. Not greasy, no strong smell and long lasting


The best way to use Treasure Oil:

One oil, only

1. For dry skin, irritation, cellulite or stretch marks: apply the oil and massage it in circular motion until it has deeply penetrated the skin. 

2. For your dry or wet hair: apply a few drops in your palms and run your fingers through you hair. 


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