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Natural Rubber Nipple - Slow Flow

Natural Rubber Nipple - Slow Flow

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Our non-toxic natural rubber nipples are an easy sustainable option, rather than replacing the entire bottle. The 2-pack teats are cherry shaped and have an anti-colic valve, thoughtfully produced with one mould to make them highly hygienic. Soft and durable in your babies mouth and soothing for the teething stage. These teats will fit our glass bottles and all regular neck bottles. You can sterilize in boiling water, but because of the natural rubber please do not clean in the dishwasher or steamer.

Complies to safety standard EN 14350 , US CPSIA

Made in Malaysia


Medium Flow (3-24 months), Slow Flow (0-3 months)


Package Dimensions 1.57 x 3.15 x 4.72 inches or 4 x 8 x 12  cm  (w x l x h)
Product Size Slow / Medium
Material Type Natural rubber
Safety Standard EN 14350, CPSIA/ASTM
Country of Origin Malaysia


FAQ Nipple

Which bottle size does the Hevea nipple fit to?
They should fit standard neck bottles. But we can unfortunately not guarantee that they fit the ones you have - we only know so far that they fit ours.
Size of the nipple?
The size of the hole in the nipple teat (which isn't easy to see with the eye) will determine the flow of the liquid (water/ milk/ tea) and is smaller for the slow and bigger for medium. We have chosen to do 2 sizes for smaller babies and for simply liquid (no thicker liquid) as the bottle isn't big. The sizing is a jungle and only really is important for the small babies i.e. that they don't get too much in one go. So, we kept it simple with just offer a smaller bottle and with 2 sizes. Also, we have engraved “Slow” and Medium” on the product.
Is the nipple anti colic and how?
Yes, they, the slow and medium ones, are anti colic. The ventilation valve in the feeding nipples is to allow air to enter the bottle while the baby is drinking without the need to break the baby's suction during feeding. During drinking, the integrated valve in the nipple flexes to allow air into the bottle to prevent vacuum build up and vents the air to the back of the bottle.


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