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Organic Skin & Hair Care Towel
Josh Rosebrook

Organic Skin & Hair Care Towel

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This towel is made of the finest organic Turkish cotton using a traditional towel weaving method that is over 400 years old. The beauty of this product comes from high quality yarn-dyed cotton that is hand-loomed by master weavers, so an occasional pulled thread is normal and to be expected. Simply cut off the thread using a pair of scissors. Next, wash your towel in cold water. This wash will lock the weave in place and prevent more pulled threads. 

Care Instructions

Washing natural cotton towels before use begins with the "breaking in" process, making them softer and more absorbent. Several washes are necessary for the towels to reach their maximum absorbency, softness and fluff. The  more you wash them, the softer they become. Launder towels in warm water with gentle detergent. Do not use bleach. Do not use fabric softener as it decreases absorbency by coating the fibers with chemicals. 

Machine wash warm 30 degrees C or 86 degrees F. 

Do not bleach.

Do not use fabric conditioner.

Tumble dry on low.

Do not dry clean.

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