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Nail Polish First Base 10ml
Kure Bazaar

Nail Polish First Base 10ml

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Ideal for a healthy or young nail, without streaks.

Kure Bazaar consider it essential for young girls who have just started using nail varnish. 

Kure Bazaar also prefer it to the Clean Base if the nail is healthy and does not split. If the nail is not healthy and splits , the more creamy Clean Base would be more suitable.  

About Kure Bazaar nail polishes

Kure Bazaar eco-friendly nail polishes are made up of 80% natural ingredients, including wood pulp, wheat, cotton, potatoes and corn. They are free of the 10 harmful substances usually found in nail polishes and come in a wide range of colours inspired by the world of fashion. 

The natural nail polishes dry quickly, delivering long lasting hold as well as intense colour and shine.

The practical design of the non-spill bottle incorporates an ergonomic top with wide, easy-grip sides and a neck with reducer for flow control.




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