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"Un" Cover Up 111

"Un" Cover Up 111

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A lightweight, concentrated cream concealer that allows buildable coverage with a natural finish. Use under eye and to cover redness and imperfections.


"Un" cover a flawless finish and healthier looking skin. Makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift created this mini-but-mighty concealer with the versatility and ease to wear every day. Formulated with clean ingredients that melt in to conceal imperfections without hiding skin's natural beauty.


000: lightest alabaster, lightest shade for the true snow whites
00: a light shade for fair skin
11: ivory with slight golden base
11.5: a buff beige with neutral undertones
22: our biggest seller. with its yellow base, this shade is great for light-medium skin tones
22.5: a cool buff beige
33: a warm beige
33.5: a warm tawny peach
44: a medium honey with cool undertones
55: a tanned amber shade for medium or olive skin tones
66: a golden sienna
77: a deep sienna
88: a rich auburn
99: a rich light mahogany
111: a deep mahogany chocolate
122: a deep espresso chocolate
Please note: 11.5, 22.5, 33.5 are also great to use as under eye correctors, depending on skin tone


Organic Coconut Oil: Extracted from fresh coconuts without the use of heat or chemical solvents, our certified organic, raw coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer that helps soften and soothe the skin. Jojoba Oil: Rich in antioxidants, jojoba quickly absorbs into the skin to nourish and hydrate.

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