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Everyday Skin Support Balm 47ml
The Lost Explorer

Everyday Skin Support Balm 47ml

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A Protective and Soothing blend of powerful herbal extracts to alleviate all minor  irritations and dry skin on this adventure called " Life''.

Many tHings can happen in a day , and your skin is the organ of your body that takes the first hit. Step forward everyday Skin support Balm, which we made to treat all minor skin irritations including rashes, chapped skin , bumps and bites(AKA "life").

Key ingredient includeHelichrysum, A member of sunflower family known for reducing inflammation and fighting condition such as allergies, arthritis, eczema, fungus and anxiety. Also Calendula , which treats pain and swelling , and sooth sore, inflammed and itchy skin conditions. Keep close to Hand/In your bag/on your desk for any over-exposure, portico;arly after suffering or a lot of sun. use it anywhere, anytime.


Face & Body


Hydrate, Restore, Protect


Rich, Fortifying Balm

Key Ingredients:

Helichrysum Flower oil,Calendula Flower Extract and Lavender Flower oil.


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