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Marula And Moringa Oil Cleanser 47ml
The Lost Explorer

Marula And Moringa Oil Cleanser 47ml

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An Ultra-gentle cleanser for all skin types based on the wonder oil of the Marula Nut.

If you thought that an oil cleanser would make your face oily, you're going to be so surprised. this easy cleanser works with your skin's own natural lipids to help dissolve skin impurities and replace them with a potent blend of botanical super ingredients, leaving it clean and hydrated but never oily. its all about the impeccable botanicals:Marla Nut Sourced from the Leakey's growingbcooperative in Kenya, Has been used for millennia to encourage a younger complexion, while Moringa leaf has one of the highest free-radical fighting antioxidants count of any food. Also Contains the oil of the Echium Plantagineum plant, which is known to help with hyperpigmentation. Gentle enough for removing make-up.




Hydrate, Cleanse, Restore


Lightweight Oil

Key Ingredients:

Marula Seed oil , Moringa oil and germanium leaf oil.

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