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Rehydrating Mist Hydrosol 53ml
The Lost Explorer

Rehydrating Mist Hydrosol 53ml

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A Gentle thirst quencher for the skin.

A Lovely spritz treat for your skin, this rich complex of botanical extracts including moisturising , antioxidant -rich coconut ,soothing aloe vera and the extremely moisturising, vegetable-based sodium hyaluronic that will penetrate to the basal layers of the skin , keeping it hydrated under the surface and helping the skin look visibly younger. Also contains the naturally exfoliating Aspen Bark to help with cell renewal , A very high grade of healing Aloe vera and scanted, moisturising , gentle Rose water.

When you're travelling or super tired and feel like you need something. A Little boost of therapy for your skin.The scent alone will wake you u and make you feel refreshed and happy.


Face & body


Hydrate, Restore


Nourishing Mist

Key Ingredients:

Rose water, Aloe vera, And Coconut


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